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What are young men, women looking for these days? Dating off course. This dating site provides casual dating, search for boyfriend or girlfriend for the younger age group along with regular instant dating for the singles over 40, 50 and beyond. (All members should be above 18 years of age).

This dating site brings trust when you are communicating with a potential dating partner by using the technologies that have evolved as internet has progressed. In simple words, there is no extraction of subscription fee from you.


Live web cam video description uploaded by members ensures you meet real men, women for dating, chat on this site (New Feature). Sign up to join the latest trend in the world of online dating.

FindChix aims to provide free access to singles for dating in your city. The goal is to connect for relationships - from the longest of marriage to the shortest of casual meetings. So what is different from the various dating sites already available?


Women just need to set up a 100% free dating profile and let the men come after them via messages obviously. Then does it really matter if you have to click or tap instead of a "swipe"?

Features like mobile phone verification ensure location is known. The security layers are multiple including data, photo screening. Video uploads (coming soon) along with completely free live chat with photo sharing.


As most of the singles living in these times favour mobile over laptop, so you can browse dating profiles, message and access every feature just like in desktop site. At times we believe that mobile dating apps can be invasive to your privacy, so updates from FindChix end up only in your email box, keeping things tidy.

Finding love is fast here, so is to meet someone for the weekend dating connection...

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alfonsanna91 San Francisco (CA)
 26 Female
sheenalee675 London
 33 Female
Nadiabernd32 Melbourne
 32 Female
dhartman506 Toronto
 62 Male
User9358 Frankfurt
 32 Female
Byron Crawford Vancouver
 36 Male
olganefedova1983 Miami (FL)
 26 Male
Gemma123 Cape Town
 South Africa
 42 Female
lizzyness38 Manila
 25 Female
ccheadbanger666 Canberra
 30 Male
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